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Hi! I'm Alex, I just turned 30 and I'm a freelance photographer from East London. At the beginning of 2018 though I upped sticks and moved to Dublin and now base my operations at The Tara Building (thanks to their scholarship programme!).

I've spent the last 9 years of my life working full-time in the creative services sector in London.

After graduating from The University of Liverpool, I spent 5 years as a creative strategist in Soho ad agencies, followed by 4 years as a freelance photographer working on assignments spanning the globe.

I've been commissioned and/or published by all of the organisations you see below and currently hold contracts with Trinity-Mirror, Alamy Images and REX Shutterstock.


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Originally, it was street photography that gave me the bug. I loved how powerful the candid approach could be, something I'm often told is still largely evident throughout most of my work.

I also love how no two days are the same when you're taking photos. You meet new people, see new places and encounter new challenges (often solved by gaffer tape!). So in a society where everyone often tries to pigeon-hole you as a specific type of photographer, I decided to cause some confusion :) I'm naturally quite a generalist and as such, have pushed my way into different fields of photography throughout my career. After 4 years of doing this, I'm left with a rare variety of photographic skills and experience spanning travel, sport, music, live event, portraiture, interiors, fine art, unit stills and press photography.

I'd say I'm quite a positive, reliable, switched on people-person who is passionate about creating stunning visuals with others. You'd probably class me as a bit of a chatterbox (definitely got my mum to thank for that!) but I'm certainly not one of those annoying "personality is bigger than the room" type of photographers. Yuck. Anyway, it's pretty cringe having to talk about yourself...




"Alex is fantastic photographer. He's easy to get on with, switched on, sharp and smart. He has a genuinely creative brain and is very comfortable in the hurly burly of the creative process. He is insatiably curious and a constant source of inspiration. He is a fantastic asset to the creative department."

- Jason Andrews, Executive Creative Director, RAPP London




"Alex is a delight to work with. He is creative thinker with a fantastic work ethic and a strong eye for detail. One of Alex's great strengths is his interpersonal skills, he is incredibly likeable and clients love him! I have no hesitation recommending him and would re-employ him in a heartbeat."

- Tracy Grierson, Head of Marketing, Everton Football Club




"I'm very, very impressed. Rarely does a photographer follow through with work of such caliber. I'm thrilled to share these photos on our homepage."

- Mike Burroughs, Editor In Chief, Stanceworks Magazine





"Bloody hell these are amazing!! They're all excellent pal!! Thank you very much, phenomenal stuff! Our editor wants to contact you about a more regular role if you're interested?"

-Tom Bage, Content Coordiantor, Trinity Mirror Plc.




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"I love Alex's photography and he's a total joy to work with. He has the perfect aesthetic for our magazine." 

- India Dowley, Digital Editor, Suitcase Magazine