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Catching the sun rise over the epic scenery at Beachy Head in Sussex meant setting off on a two hour drive at 4.30am. Not exactly ideal after a late night, but boy was it worth it.

It's a profoundly powerful place of sheer natural beauty. But I couldn't get my head around the polar opposite reasons people visit the spot. Whilst the majority make the trip to essentially celebrate the beauty of mother nature, others visit for quite a different reason.

WSJ reports Beachy Head as the third most popular suicide spot on the planet. And with Samaritan posters lining the roadside together with a seemingly constant stream of chaplaincy lookout vehicles passing the roadside there's just no forgetting this fact. Maybe it was the 45mph winds or perhaps the grey clouds that rolled in shortly after sunrise that accentuated this but I felt a presence of gloom the whole time I was there. Looking back at the images I think you probably get a feel for what I mean.